What Renovations are the Best Investment?

Renovating your home can be daunting, especially when it comes to deciding which projects are worth investing in. With so many options available for potential upgrades, it’s hard to know what will provide the most value. To simplify the process, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most valuable renovation projects you can do in your home. 

Laundry area — Homes with a laundry area sell for $32,138 above the nation’s median list price of $397,862.

Renovating your laundry area can bring a number of benefits, including improved efficiency and convenience. A well-thought-out laundry renovation will make the space more useful by optimizing storage and layout. This can reduce the amount of time spent on chores and increase the overall productivity in the room.  Consider:

  1. A pet station for all supplies
  2. A pet washing area with a large, drained shower
  3. A large and/or small tub for hand washing and the washing of appropriate items
  4. A “folding island”
  5. Shelving
  6. Storage area for rolling laundry cart

Updated Flooring — Homes with updated flooring sell above the nation’s median list price of $397,862.  Ceramic floors can be a great option for any home and offer a number of benefits including durability, ease of cleaning, resistance to moisture damage, and long lifespan.

Eat-in area — Homes with an eat-in area sell for $26,739 above the nation’s median list price of $397,862.   An eat-in kitchen is a kitchen with a designated space in the home for meals and snacks — as simple as an eating nook or as elaborate as a full kitchen dining room. Eat-in areas are becoming more popular because they provide an opportunity to bring people together, creating an inviting atmosphere for conversations and shared meals. This area also allows the combining of the kitchen and dining room into one multifunctional area, thereby increasing the aesthetic/useability and appeal and add more seating.  


  1. Upgraded light fixtures
  2. Crown molding
  3. New cabinet hardware
  4. Ceramic or marble backsplash
  5. New table/chairs

Home office — Renovating a home office has many benefits, both practical and financial. Redoing this area will provide an improved workspace with more efficient storage solutions and better-suited furniture for the specific needs of the user, resulting in increased productivity as well as greater comfort while working from home.  Consider:

  1. New Shelving/Cabinets
  2. Upscale desk/chair
  3. LED lighting
  4. Floor/wall coverings

Backyard — Investing in landscape improvements can offer aesthetic and financial benefits. Improving your landscaping could increase your home’s value by 28%. Both landscaping and features such as pools, fountains, and pergolas can add a level of visual impact to your property that can’t be understated, enhancing your lifestyle and backyard enjoyment.  Consider:

  1. Adding a fountain or pergola or trellis
  2. Solar-powered light fixtures
  3. New outdoor, wicker furniture
  4. Erecting a privacy fence
  5. Planting new flowers/bushes/trees

Do any of these ideas inspire you? If you want to increase your home’s value or even create a more attractive living space for yourself, we hope you’ve found some ideas to consider for your next home improvement project! 

If you are thinking about these renovations prior to selling your home AND want professional advice with resources to assist with the work, contact Rosenblum Realty at (256) 539-9501 for a FREE Consultation.


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